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A creative technologist spanning strategy, research, ux, ui, visual design, motion design, art direction, content managment and front-end development

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feliciA with the bay bridge behind her glowing at night. split screen of computer with olympic skier posing with official olympic clothing gear to represent team USA during the winter olympics and the code being written to engineer the design into the enterprise system.

In a world that is seeking Unicorns


Content Concept, Design, Strategy, Production & Implementation

A Technical Creative. Over the past 10+ years, I’ve had roles spanning content strategy, design, illustration, experience, branding and interactive development. I strategize across all phases of the design and marketing lifecycle utilizing the options of enterprise technologies to enable quality design and development at-scale and with continuous delivery. I actively bring together cross-functional teams to optimize for stable, secure, consistent, engaging, context-aware and accessible experiences.

desk trolls.
desk with view.

In addition to designing for print, products and websites, I’ve also taught graduate students from 2008 - 2014 Experimental Design, User Experience, and Interactive Development (html, css, js, as, ui, ux, ue, digital design, visual literacy) at Academy of Art University and was an active member of the committee as a professional advisor to grant mid-points and MFA thesis from 2008 to 2014.

I teach for a connection with the community, for the inspired creative energy, and to press the importance of the need for strong, engaging and practical design as our technology continues to evolve and expand at its rapid pace. Design solutions, both visual and technical, are key to accessibility and engagement.

macys beauty box.

Design and UI/UX can have a deep impact on our future. A solid, in-depth understanding of fundamentals is key to the core of UI/UX design and development. My focus on creative treatment, visual solutions and technical implementation grounded in traditional fundamentals. This is my approach to engaging students in the ever-evolving web/app/new media world.

Selected Work

you matter. we notice.

Visual Design & Copywriting: Employee Engagement Branding

Macy's Corporate Visual Design

I was the visual designer brought in as part of a lean outreach team to create an internal recognition program. This Lean Team was focused on employee engagement recognition for cross-functional teams spanning the entire corporation and all locations. Pilot program was for Macy's Tech.

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Fashion Photography

Compassion + Fashion

I photographed the Compassion + Fashion event at Herbst Theatre in San Francisco and engineered the Macy's Passport Compassion + Fashion Interactive Campaign. This fashion event that brought in more than 30 million dollars for local health charities in California.

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community involvement and volunteering

Greek Legends Mural

I have taught art, design, technology, poetry, writing, and mural making for various youth and adult community programs. I tend to leave my mark on communities to bring positive, colorful vibes into our day-to-day.

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10+ years of design experience launching products, marketing campaigns, editorials, illustrations, motion graphics, design consulting, art direction and identity branding

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crosswalk shot across from the sfmoma with painting that reads think outside the building.