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The intersection of content, commerce, and technology.

For over 8 years, I was the Subject Matter Expert for video at Macys Inc. responsible for all aspects of video for digital platforms, around 10,000+ videos and counting since 2014. I worked as a user experience engineering architect to design the workflow and process for multiple video technologies and video content applications.

    Some Quick Facts

  • Went from 0.2% mobile engagement in 2015 to 60.2% in 2019 with new video codecs, players, content investment, platform engineering updates
  • Over a billion views an hour during peak holiday season promotions
  • 30%+ lift in "likely to shop at Macy's" after just one video viewed
  • Increased retention rate 20% YOY 2010 - 2019
  • Exceeded view count benchmarks by 20% YOY; 63% adults 18-24
  • Up to a billion impressions a day, driving a +52% new visitor rate and retention to
  • KitchenAid mixer videos are the all-time most viewed video every year. Every year! Center Core and Fashion videos are the most popular product videos.

Video content, strategy, and production for various arms of the corporation. I've edited and packaged Active-Shooter Training videos for Human Resources, created flashy animated video content for the Thanksgiving Day Parade, done countless hours of rendering and editing of models wearing the latest fashions, and got earworms from RL DnS's Avicci, Martha Stewart, and Clinton Kelly's 'week of wow!' campaign.

Video content is all encompassing - from Corporate Finance, Corporate Marketing, Marketing, Product, Human Resources, Corporate Branding, Instructional Videos, Haul videos, Celebrity Chefs and cooking demos are all part of my realm. I also work on special projects with Augmented Reality video, Virtual Reality video, Shoppable video and Interactive video.

The first product video project was spearheaded in 2008/2009 to bring video content and in-house production for the Product Display Pages. Customers want to see the items with detail and clarity, but Macy's budget for product video wasn't a thing and the photography budget did not allow for multiple shots of products for the web. With customer's demands and a matrix of ROI, I helped spearhead the video production studio arm of Marketing and Technology.

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Fashion: Calvin Klein

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Celebrity Kitchen: Martha Stewart


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